Rabu, 18 Januari 2012

Cerita bagus buat Story Telling

Little Red Riding Hood
Long time ago in the forest there was a small cottage, the home of little girl known as Little Red Riding Hood. One day, her mother called her “Little Red Riding Hood……. “Yes, Mummy, what’s going on?” Answer the Little Red “Grandma is ill, so, bring these cakes to grandma’s house but very be careful. Keep to the way and don’t stop, because you will safe until grandma’s house.” Said her Mummy. “Yeah, Mummy, don’t worry ! I will becarefull”
Little Red Riding Hood kissed her mother and go through to the forest. Then, in the street she saw some strawberries, she left her basket in the ground and ate the strawberries. “What lovely strawberries and so red. They’re nice and so big! Yummy! Delicious! Just another one and once more, hmm this is the last..And one more,,,
After long time she enjoyed the strawberries, “Oh my God, I’m Forget “ she remembered that she had to go to Grandma’s house. Then, she continued to walk. But, again in the street she saw so many beautiful and sweet flowers. “Oh, how sweet!” then she took it for Grandma. But unfortunately there was strange sound said “Where are you going, Little girl alone in the woods? “
“I bring some cakes for Grandma because Grandma is ill. She lives at the end of this way”
Then the wolf said “Does Grandma live alone?”. “Yeah and never open the door to the strange people” answer the Little red.  “Goodbye, see you again” said the wolf.
The wolf thinking and make a plan “I’ll gobble grandma first then her grandchild, hehhhe”. After that, the wolf arrived in Grandma’s house and knock the door. “Who’s there ?” said grandma. “It’s me Little Red Riding Hood. I’ve brought some cakes for you because you’re ill.” Said wolf. Because grandma is ill, she couldn’t see very well. It means she couldn’t make a different between wolf and Little Red Riding Hood.
After that the wolf closed to grandma, more close and ate grandma with a horrible way. Then he took grandma’s clothes and pretend to be her. It wasn’t long after that, the real Little Red Riding Hood arrived. “Grandma, can I come in ?”
“Yes, my dear “said the wolf.”What a deep voice you have ” said Little girl.”The better to greet you with “ said the wolf
“Oh my god, what big eyes you have”
“The better to see you with”
“And what big hands you have “
“The better to hug you with”
“What a big mouth you have”
“The better to eat you with”
After that, the wolf jumped from the bed and ate the Little Red Riding Hood. Because of full the wolf suddenly over sleep.
Next, after several minutes, there was a hunter, stop by in Grandma’s house. He wanted ask for a drink, he tired because he had look a large wolf that have already been target from a long time. And finally, the hunter heard the snore of the wolf from Grandma’s bed. He found it! “The wolf! He won’t get away from this time!”
Without making a sound, suddenly he shot the wolf’s head and dead. After that he cut and open the wolf’s stomach. Suddenly, Little Red Riding Hood and Grandma come out from his stomach.
Grandma and Little Red Riding Hood thanking to the hunter and the Hunter went back to his city while bring the wolf’s body.

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